6lack, Blaque, Black.

You probably think this is going to be a piece about music because of the artists I mentioned in the title, but it's not. This piece is something that may get you emotional, it may have your mind running, it may make you happy to see someone speaking up on it, and it may not make you feel anything at all. All of these emotions are fine but this piece is going to be filled with facts, emotions, and truth.

How do you pronounce the artists names in the title? Black. They're spelled differently, but are pronounced the same(unless you still pronounce 6lack as six-lack, which is wrong). Black is a color, a shade, a tint, a hue, and then there are Black people.

Black people. The most hated group of people in this country. Why you may ask? Well, that's what we all want to know too. Growing up, I always watched documentaries about slavery and the Civil Rights Movement. I have watched "Roots" more times than I can count, I have watched "Selma, Lord Selma" quite a few times and even "Queen" each time it airs on BET. No this does not mean I am fascinated or glorifying all of what happened in these movies, but I catch something new each time I watch it. Whether it be the way a character spoke to another person, the way someone acted like their life depended on it, or just being amazed at how well each actor portrayed the role they did for each movie they were in.

Colorism. Some people may think this doesn't exist or it is just a made up concept, but it is very much real and I want y'all, Black people, to play a part in the reason it ends. Slave masters are the reason why this started to begin with & it should've ended with them and when slavery ended as well. But when a learned behavior doesn't get put to a halt and gets passed down for generations, this is what happens. Yes, you can have a preference, you can date who you want to, but when you start to tear down someone who comes from the same struggles that you do all because they're a little darker than you, is where you lose every time. Ask yourself, when a police officer sees you, someone of fair skin, and then sees another person of a darker skin tone, do you think they're going to walk past you because of how light/fair you are? NO. You are still Black in their eyes and you can get the same type of treatment your dark skin brother or sister can. You are not exempt from the struggle. Men, please leave this behind. Women, imma come talk to you next. Men, a lot of your mothers are dark skinned women but you loveeeeeee your mothers. Why do you feel it is appropriate to bash another woman who looks just like her? Do you really love her or do you only love her because she is your mother? Women, stop thinking that just because you have light skin and hazel/light brown eyes that you are the cream of the crop and there is no one better than you. Ego baby, personality honey. You can have the prettiest face but the minute you call someone a few shades darker then you a "black b***ch"you become so ugly. Let's not forget that you are still black.

Homophobia. Y'all. Please, I am fully begging you, like pleading at this point, leave gay people alone. Members of the LGBTQIA+ community do not bother y'all, they do not care about who y'all sleep with, and they are still regular people at the end of the day. Homosexuality has been a thing since the beginning of Christ himself. Animals, people, plants and all have been indulging in sexual acts with the same sex. Ask yourself this question: if someone else's sexuality, someone you don't even know of bothers you so much, are you gay deep down inside? If you get defensive or have to question it, then evaluate yourself and go deep within your soul to figure out an answer.

Love. I won't get too deep into this topic because I already spoke on it before, but I want some of you to genuinely practice giving out love. Not in intimate relationships only. Not even just to people you know. But even random people, show love. Show kindness, peace, an act of service whether it be big or small, just give it. Love is free and it frees you from boundaries and yokes you never knew you had over your life. In a world where everyone hates us and wants to hurt us, it takes nothing to love one another. So what he has better shoes then you or is driving the newest car, is that worth a life being taken? They already hate us and wanna kill us, let's learn to not be so envious and maybe ask for tips to get to where that person is as well? I'm tired of hearing about people getting stabbed, robbed and shot over simplistic, materialistic stuff all the time. And please do not take this as me saying black on black crime exists, because it doesn't. You commit crime based off of your socioeconomic background. White people kill white people, Asian people kill Asian people, etc etc.

One last thing I want to leave you with. Protect yourself at all costs. Protect each other at all costs. All we have are ourselves in the end so let's make sure we do it right. We have to do better at supporting one another. Whether it be financially, emotionally, and most importantly, mentally. In times like this where this country is falling apart and we are being attacked at the drop of a dime, we don't have time to spread hate and work against each other. Buy from Black owned businesses. Create your own business. Help spread the word about another Black owned business. If you see a woman walking down the street late at night, walk her home out a good place. Don't walk her home in hopes of getting in her pants or getting her number, do it because you want her to be protected. Teach the kids how to play sports again, how to grow a plant, how to save money. Spread the knowledge to them that you learned but weren't taught as a kid. Most importantly, love yourself. Love the skin you are in. Love being Black. Black is and always will be beautiful.

P.S., arrest the cops who killed Breonna Taylor.

Another P.S., Black Lives Matter. Period.


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