Mercury in Gatorade is Kicking my A$$


Okay y'all, I know it has been a very long time since I made a blog post. Since February actually, and it is now June. I do apologize, but life has been HECTIC. So, let's play catch up so I can fill y'all in with everything that has been happening.

So, in February, I quit one of the programs I was working with at my job. BEST decision of my life. I was very miserable, depressed and stressed working there. The day I felt like it was a task for me to get up and brush my teeth, I knew something had to change. And I wasn't sure if it was a good decision because of finances, but when you ask God to show you, he will. So, I made that move and was OUT! From then on, everything else is a blur lol.

In brighter news, I just launched my business that aligns with SoundsofJoi(check it out its on here!) and I couldn't be more excited. I was and still am very anxious about releasing this side of my brand, I done cried, stressed, asked 1,001 people to help me figure out which idea would sell best, and now we are here. One thing I have to overcome though is realizing that not everyone will support you when the time comes like they say they will. I had so many people, no shade to them, say to me "omg I cannot wait for you to drop this so I can buy!" and when the time came, they didn't buy anything, but it is okay! My first week of selling, which was last week, I made about 12 sales! Off and online, so that is a blessing in itself. Never focus on who didn't but always focus on who did, that is when you'll realize your blessing.

Now, let's get into this mercury gatorade Chile.. The planets, moons and stars are coming for me!! I am not a fan and I cannot wait for it to be over. I thought it was just Mother Nature messing with me, but she done came and I still feel like this. So its the gatorade that's messing things up. I won't go into detail too much about what has taken place during this retrograde, but I want to leave y'all with a message or two. Always choose yourself, your health and your wellness first. Whether it be a friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, coworker, or even family, if they are causing you any type of hurt, pain, stress or frustration, either let them go or take a step back so that everyone involved can regroup and figure things out effectively. Now, if you need to cut them off completely, then so be it too because sometimes people have to learn not to play with you like that!! People can be very good at trying to manipulate you into feeling bad about a decision you've made, a feeling you feel, or just for reacting how you did to something. NEVER invalidate your own or someone else's feelings. They matter and are equally important. I have never been an open person or in tune with my emotions. I repress them as best as I can, which I guess is a coping mechanism, not sure, but I rather not feel too many intense emotions at once because it just doesn't end well for me. When I become emotional, it can get really annoying. The retrograde has made me even more emotional than normal, and I don't like it. But here we are, full on emo.

Another thing, set boundaries and stick with them. Again, this applies to any relationship you have in life. Permanent or temporary. Set them in place and do NOT let up. Often times we set boundaries in the beginning of our relationships with people so that things run smoothly over time and we don't step on anyone's toes. But sometimes, people become comfortable and forget what was set in place to begin with, and in those times, remind them of what was said and how you meant what you said. When it comes down to caring or loving people, we let things slide when things are said and done to us out of love for that person or people. This goes back to putting yourself first! We cannot be made uncomfortable and then let people roam around thinking everything is cool, especially when it isn't. This is how bad habits are formed and how people end up walking around angry and upset for time on end because we didn't speak up the first or second time around. Hold people, and yourself, accountable to prevent any further situations where you may feel uncomfortable.

Lastly, because I think I let y'all in enough on how I feel and what has been happening in my life, YOUR GIRL WALKED THE STAGE AND IS ABOUT TO START GRADUATE SCHOOL THIS FALL!!!! I am soooooooo nervous omg. Undergrad was almost a breeze to me because of the school I went to, in my opinion, so I know grad school is going to tear me up. I have been STRESSED because, I do not know what I want to go back to school for. I have had no guidance when it comes down to school since I was in high school. I was just told I had to go to school and get my degree. No one even told me I had to get my master's, but I am going for it because I need it. I have chosen three different majors within the past year and I cannot keep prolonging this. I've been finished with school since August and it's about to be August again.. it is time y'all. I was thinking about going back for Communications/Journalism because hello, your girl can write! But I had to think about something long term that can make me money, but also be something I love doing. So, I came to the conclusion to stick to what I know, and I will be pursuing my Master of Social Work degree in the Fall. Now, I do not know where I will be going to school yet because I just did 3 new applications last week(don't judge me) and I know they will take a while to give me a decision, but just know they are three REALLY GOOD schools so, fingers crossed! I guess that's enough of me ranting and talking now, but it's been a while since I shared with y'all so, I hope you enjoyed hearing about my crazy life.

How has mercury retrograde been handling y'all? Let me know in the comments or on insta! Let's chat <3